Grant Potter is a USA Cycling Certified Coach

Interested in being coached by Grant? Training With Potter is currently accepting a limited number of coaching clients. Athletes of USA-Cycling-Certified-Coachall levels are encouraged. The only requirement is a high level of commitment on your part! In addition to providing you with a training regime to follow, Grant will help you to identify achievable goals and provide you with the support you need to make it to the top step (regardless of what that means for you).


Amy Good is a USA Cycling Certified Coach, Personal Trainer and Performance Testing Specialist

Amy has been coaching cyclists and endurance athletes for the past 8 years. If your goal is to improve your quality of life, fitness level and minimize injuries along the way, Amy can build you a customized training plan for cycling, running or triathlon that also includes the often neglected strength work that is necessary for preventing or correcting injuries that occur from overuse and the repetition of all endurance sports. Amy also specializes in performance testing including Functional Threshold Power, VO2max, Lactate Threshold and Resting Metabolic Rate. If you’re a numbers person and like to track results through quantitative data, Amy is the coach for you!


Monthly coaching includes:

  • weekly training programs (via spreadsheet or TrainingPeaks®)
  • weekly review of training logs
  • weekly review of power or heart-rate downloads
  • weekly review of nutrition and advice as necessary
  • weekly email contact
  • prerace/postrace (or event) conversations
  • monthly group riding opportunities
  • discounts on training camps and individual on-the-road coached training sessions

Ride with a Coach

Schedule an on-the-road coached training session with Grant or Amy. Whether you are riding for fitness and looking to improve your form and skills, wanting to know more about how to train to become faster and fitter, or training for racing performance you will walk away (or should we say ride) with more insight on how to improve and achieve your goals.

Individual sessions $80/hour
Groups up to 3 riders (similar fitness level) $150/hour
Discounted rates for USA Cycling registered teams/clubs

Contact us for more information on being coached or to schedule a ride.

Recent Posts

Can You Guess Grant’s Top Cycling Destinations?

Racing competitively for over 20 years has afforded Masters World Champion cyclist, Grant Potter, many opportunities to travel to some of the best cycling destinations, both across the U.S. and the abroad. Grant was recently featured in Boca Magazine, where he shared his top cycling destinations around the world. It’s probably comes as no surprise that Mallorca, Spain tops his list!

Whether you’ve never heard of Mallorca or it’s been on your bucket list of places to visit, it’s a place every cyclist should experience for themselves at least once. Mallorca is the largest of the three Balearic Islands (maybe you’ve heard of the nearby party destination, Ibiza?) and offers riders of all levels perfect training opportunities. There are mountains in the northern part of the island, while the southern routes tend to be flat. Most climbs are do-able for even a novice rider, while still providing a challenge to the best climbers.

Are you convinced training in Mallorca is worth the flight to Europe, but not sure you want to head over there on your own? Training With Potter is planning their 3rd TWP Mallorca Cycling Camp in March 2018. Ride alongside Grant during this week-long camp, which includes guided training rides on the best routes the island has to offer, accommodations at a 4-star hotel that caters specifically to cyclists and amazing health and performance conscious meals. Improve your fitness, learn tips and techniques to improve your riding, as well as how to properly train and recover. Find out more about TWP Mallorca Training Camps here.

Read the full article in Boca Magazine by clicking here.

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