Amy Good

To the surprise of many, I did not grow up as an athlete. I wouldn’t have even considered myself to be an “active” kid. As the child of a single mother, extra curricular activities were never a priority. I went to school and worked more than one job from a young age. At age 24, I found myself living in Southern California, where EVERYONE was active. So when in Rome, right? For the first time in my life I was able to work a little less and found the time to start being more active. I started working out and running, next thing I knew I was running half marathons every weekend and several full marathons a year. I was bit hard by the SoCal adventure bug and dabbled in everything from sea kayaking around Catalina Island, sailing retired America Cup boats, 72-hour adventure racing across Baja Calif., surfing in Del Mar, open water swimming in La Jolla Cove, summiting 14’ers, alpine mountaineering and rock climbing in Joshua Tree to bike packing across Death Valley and the Mojave.

I soon found myself helping many non-active friends find fun ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. In the process I had discovered my passion for being fit myself as well as helping other people make changes in their own lives. In 2009, at 28 years old I decided to go to college to study Exercise Physiology. That brought me back to Florida where I studied at Florida Atlantic University and earned a B.S.E. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Once I was settled in Florida, all of the California adventure sports were replaced with training for triathlon and cycling. I did my first ever bike race in 2012, finished 2nd and was hooked. After quickly racing my way through the amateur ranks, I had the opportunity to race full time as a professional for a top ranking women’s professional cycling team. I spent a year competing in criterium and road races all over the country and supporting my teammates as a domestique. While training and racing full time was an amazing experience I knew from the start it was not something I intended to make a career out of and I eventually returned to South Florida where I currently work as a personal trainer, USA Cycling Coach and health coach.